Dear friends,

It has been a long time we didn’t share any news with you. In recent four years since we released our debut album, was the time for us to explore ourselves as individuals, and as a band. As you also know, we have been playing live on stage, on some acoustic projects, and making cover videos in order to find out a good reason, or the right feeling to take the next step in our musical careers.

We have been an independent music band from the beginning, and it has always suited our personal views about music. We believe that there is a right time for everything in life. In our case, after living in uncertainty for couple years, we all knew that every new day we are losing a little bit more from the flame that kept us going this far. We had to act, and had to make some tough choices. About a one and a half years ago from today, four of us sat down and shared our plans with each other. Eventually, everything came to a point that nobody has ever expected; our former vocalist has decided to separate ways with the band, and wanted to be more concentrated in his personal projects. And we, as his good friends and bandmates, respected his decision, and left each other wishing for the best.

After closing this chapter in Lostpray’s career, the rest of us, me, Kolya and Slavik took some time off from everything. There was an emptiness inside us without our music, the most precious achievement in our lives that made our existence meaningful, and only belonged to three of us. We have experienced the feeling of a life with no purpose. And I guess, this breaking point was the reason we were looking for. After having couple phone calls in few days, we all realized how hungry we were to go back into the studio, and finish recording another album in spite of all the obstacles we’ve had. We didn’t have a vocalist, any ready songs, a recording studio, a producer and had a very limited time.

In the end, I am very grateful for having the chance of finishing this meaningful record, which has the spirit of those stressful times. This album has no expiration date for us, and will make our memories live forever. This time, Lostpray is coming back with better, stronger, heavier, and one step closer to the real Lostpray sound, we have always wanted to hear. We would like to thank you all, and want you to know that we will go on making music as long as we live, and feel your support.

– Burak