LostPray's new EP album; PRIESTIANITY will be available on all digital platforms on 1st of July. PRIESTIANITY (2018) Tracklist: 1 - Cyberblood (06:11) (B. Gundogdu / N. Dovgopolov) 2 - Deep Depression (06:33) (B. Gundogdu / N. Dovgopolov / V. Babienko) 3 - Haternity (06:52) (B. Gundogdu / N. [...]

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LostPray's second single album; DEEP DEPRESSION will be available on all digital platforms on 1st of May. DEEP DEPRESSION (2018) Tracklist: 1 - Deep Depression (06:32) (B. Gundogdu / N. Dovgopolov / V. Babienko) Produced by LostPray Mastering: Eduard Bykovets Artworks: Varvart Other Graphics: Tuncay Dinch FOLLOW ON [...]

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Lostpray Chapter II

Dear friends, It has been a long time we didn't share any news with you. In recent four years since we released our debut album, was the time for us to explore ourselves as individuals, and as a band. As you also know, we have been playing live on stage, on some acoustic projects, [...]

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Studio Update

Hello everyone, After a long silence, we are finally back with a brand new website and with some good news. We have finished our recordings for the upcoming LostPray album. We will share the details with you very soon! Meanwhile, [...]

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Check out new LostPray T-Shirt Models in LostPray Store page. We currently have four different models, LostPray Black with the simple black t-shirt with LostPray distort logo on the chest, Alienation design by great designer Hal Rotter in white and gray colors, and our best-selling t-shirt model; Boneheart by Tisha Beedle. You can order [...]

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Don’t miss the chance to get featured in Lostpray’s second album!

Dear Friends! As we approach the recording process of our second album, we would like to thank you for your amazing support over the past years. Although 2015 has been a difficult year for LostPray, we have always felt motivated enough and grateful to you to go on and to do much better music [...]

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Alienation Music Video Premiere

Enjoy the premiere our new music video for "Alienation" Alienation is the first official music video by LostPray from their first studio album "That's Why" which was released on September 26, 2014. The video was filmed in LostPray's personal studio in Odessa, directed by Aleksander Belinskiy. A very simple music video with [...]

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