LostPray the BAND


Lostpray is a Progressive/Thrash/Heavy Metal band unlike any other currently making heavy music. Based in Odessa, Ukraine, the group is comprised of Turkish and Ukrainian musicians who freely mix their own cultural influences with the power of Metal to create a fiercely individuality that sets them apart from their peers. The latest Lostpray release is Priestianity, a compelling set built upon challenging compositions, unpredictable storytelling, tense atmosphere, aggression, Eastern-Western combinations, and overflowing energy that instantly pulls listeners into its world. The first single from the EP, “Deep Depression,” is a potent six-minute track that perfectly captures Lostpray’s uncommon style. Another track, “Cyberblood,” rages just as hard and is accompanied by a music video featuring popular animated character Mr. Freeman.
The members of Lostpray are Burak Gundogdu on Vocals and Guitars, Nikolay Dovgopolov on Drums, and Vyacheslav Babienko on Bass. The band began in 2013 and tracked its first album, That’s Why, an eight-song effort that met with considerable success, in 2014. After a hiatus that allowed the group time to more clearly define its sound and direction, the release of Priestianity has put Lostpray back in the thick of the international Metal scene. The record shows how much great music can come from the mixing of cultures and ideas from different nations and is the most accurate expression of Lostpray’s artistic vision yet. The band is now focused on writing and recording new material, expanding its global fan base, and preparing to tour at the professional level. Anyone who has had their fill of sound-alike bands needs to find Lostpray today and get reminded of what actually original-minded music is all about.


LOSTPRAY - Nikolay Dovgopolov

 Nikolay Dovgopolov

(January 4th, 1987,  Odessa / Ukraine)


Burak Gundogdu
Vocals, Guitars

(March 30th, 1987,  Istanbul / Turkey)

LOSTPRAY - Vyacheslav Babienko

Vyacheslav Babienko
Bass Guitars

(July 2nd, 1980,  Odessa / Ukraine)