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BIO 2018

Lostpray is a Progressive/Thrash/Heavy Metal band unlike any other currently making heavy music. Based in Odessa, Ukraine, the group is comprised of Turkish and Ukrainian musicians who freely mix their own cultural influences with the power of Metal to create a fiercely individuality that sets them apart from their peers. The latest Lostpray release is Priestianity, a compelling set built upon challenging compositions, unpredictable storytelling, tense atmosphere, aggression, Eastern-Western combinations, and overflowing energy that instantly pulls listeners into its world. The first single from the EP, “Deep Depression,” is a potent six-minute track that perfectly captures Lostpray’s uncommon style. Another track, “Cyberblood,” rages just as hard and is accompanied by a music video featuring popular animated character Mr. Freeman.
The members of Lostpray are Burak Gundogdu on Vocals and Guitars, Nikolay Dovgopolov on Drums, and Vyacheslav Babienko on Bass. The band began in 2013 and tracked its first album, That’s Why, an eight-song effort that met with considerable success, in 2014. After a hiatus that allowed the group time to more clearly define its sound and direction, the release of Priestianity has put Lostpray back in the thick of the international Metal scene. The record shows how much great music can come from the mixing of cultures and ideas from different nations and is the most accurate expression of Lostpray’s artistic vision yet. The band is now focused on writing and recording new material, expanding its global fan base, and preparing to tour at the professional level. Anyone who has had their fill of sound-alike bands needs to find Lostpray today and get reminded of what actually original-minded music is all about.


“This could be a sleeper hit for many in their collection. LOSTPRAY isn’t going to blaze the fastest trail, they instead perform Metal in a tasteful manner – keeping the focus on great riffs, strong hooks, and clean, memorable vocals. One to watch, hopefully for years to come.”

– Metal Temple

“Harmonisch abgestimmt, verpacken LostPray ihre Werke auf That´s Why. Nicht wie viele andere Bands des Genres verfallen sie in müde Rhythmen, die den Hörer nur durch emotionale Höchstspannung ansprechen. Viel mehr versuchen sie auch durch diverse Geschwindikeitswchsel den Spannungsbogen nicht abreißen zulassen. Eine gelungene Vorstellung von LostPray, die das Album sehr hörbar macht und zu einer Kaufempfehlung aufwertet.”

– Time For Metal

“Türkische Heavy-Metal-Bands zählen – obwohl mittlerweile einige gutklassige Vertreter auch außerhalb ihres Landes zumindest Beachtung finden – immer noch zu den Exoten. LOSTPRAY schielen mit ihrem in Eigenregie und nur digital veröffentlichten Debüt „That’s Way“ musikalisch Richtung Mainstream – und die Tatsache, dass neben türkischen auch noch ukrainische Musiker mitmischen, sorgt für weitere Exotenboni.”

– Music Reviews

“LostPray’den temennim; basları daha etkin kullanmaları ve de belki biraz daha solo. Fakat bundan daha büyük bir temennim; bu yolda devam etmeleri. Bir debut albüme göre çok büyük bir iş bu.”

– Turkgitar

“But the significant thing about Lostpray is that their music stays sharp, sounds fresh, with strong well-developed arrangements that juxtapose heaviness with melody, harmony, and catchy hooks. Armed with Cigdem’s impressive vocals they’ve crafted some entertaining songs with their fusion of heavy metal and hard rock. Honestly, I was both surpised and impressed by the band and the depth of their music. Easily recommended.”

– Dangerdog

“That’s Why is a fine debut album. There’s nothing complex about it and it’s quite commercial-sounding, but most importantly it’s fun to listen to, which is what music should be.”

– Metal Observer

“>Verdict: Absolutely Stunning <
All in all, I have no doubt you’ll love this album. ‘Priestianity’ is an album drenched in glorious playing.. The riffs, the drumming, the bass, all of it is grand and plays in unison. You won’t find yourself bored.. For one, the album diversifies in it’s sound, going from slow to heavy, or somewhere in between.. As well as swift solos. Despite the strong nature of the album, LOSTPRAY still maintains melody and interest.”

– League of Metal

“With Nickolay Dovgopolov on drums, Burak Gundogdu on vocals and guitars, and Vyacheslav Babienko on bass drives the music home with heavy guitar riffs and strong drum beats on such tracks as Cyberblood, Deep Depression, Haternity, and The Evil Child. The album was well performed, written and recorded. I am looking forward to hearing more from this band. “

– Oasis Entertainment

“the metal scene just got a little more badass with their newest song (Deep Depression) being pretty heavy with a slight dose of melodic charm ranging to a few from their first album(zero to hero) focussing more on the melodic side of metal laying a easy to take in groove with some pretty damn good vocals, and don’t get me started on the Slayer covers… “

– Jazzy Skeleton Studios

“Priestianity has destroyed everything i believed of thrash metal and all the story of thrash metal because their thrash metal isn’t like a fight but it’s so melodic for the prog and the influence of traditional turkish music, this last influence reminds a little to soad but lost pray don’t copy soad. They have a similar style but lost pray has a strange sound which is aggressive for the thrash metal but a lot relaxing for the turkish influence and prog. The album is an album which to understand it well you have to listen it 30 times and the video of the first track too. All the songs are genial, not banal and all wonderful. My mark is:10/10”

– Metal Band Adviser


LOSTPRAY - Nikolay Dovgopolov

 Nikolay Dovgopolov

(January 4th, 1987,  Odessa / Ukraine)


Burak Gundogdu
Vocals, Guitars

(March 30th, 1987,  Istanbul / Turkey)

LOSTPRAY - Vyacheslav Babienko

Vyacheslav Babienko
Bass Guitars

(July 2nd, 1980,  Odessa / Ukraine)


That’s Why

LostPray That's Why 2014 Album Cover 2

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Deep Depression


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That’s Why Deluxe Edition

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Deep Depression (Official Music Video)
10k+ views

Cyberblood (Official Mr. Freeman Music Video)
7.5k+ views

Alienation (Official Music Video)
30k+ views

Slayer Repentless Cover Video
105k+ views

Slayer Seasons in the Abyss Cover Video
35k+ views

The Evil Child (Live Rehearsal Video)

Zero to Hero (Live at Shkaff, Odessa)

The Story Ain’t Like No One Knows (Live at Black Sea Metal Fest)

The Blessed One (Acoustic Live at Turkish Airlines Night)


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