LostPray Deep Depression 2018

LostPray – Deep Depression (2018)

Music: LostPray
Lyrics: Burak Gundogdu
Mixing/Mastering: Eduard Bykovets
Production: Eduard Bykovets & LostPray
Artwork: Artem Kitayev

Tracklist & Lyrics

(Music: B.Gundogdu / N.Dovgopolov, Lyrics: B.Gundogdu)

As we breathe, the world changes
Every day is darker isolates life
Name me those inside your heart,
Answers scare more, I don’t need it

Black within, what’s blank to me
All the same purpose, different ways
House of God, Devil’s playground
Echoes with greed and their laughter

Too soon to sacrifice, too old to purify
Worshipping together through the centuries

Indifference became our culture
Modern ages vicious cycle
The more I give, the less it seems
Feels like fighting underwater
The knife gets deep as they promote fear
Voices cause more suffocation
Once you’ve lost the will to live
You’re free to tell them what you’re after

Open your fuckin mouths, devourers
accept these as compliments, as our regards

I do not feel and I don’t care
what’s the meaning behind all this
Once you lose, nights don’t end
Seconds do matter for whose been here
Days get long and sleep gets longer
Until the moment we lose it all

Open your fuckin eyes, your blinders
Mind what surrounds us, what shapes us
Till we lose it all