LostPray the BAND


LostPray is a Traditional Heavy / Thrash / Progressive Metal Band, formed by two Turkish and two Ukrainian musicians, based in one of the most artistic spots on the planet; Odessa / Ukraine. It was the summer time of 2013, where it was possible for these musicians from different nations to show their abilities on a professional level, and recorded their first full-length album; THAT’S WHY. The 8 song album easily made it to the hearts of thousands of people. The band took some time off, started to be more accurate with LostPray’s direction, and understanding of music. Challenging compositions, unpredictable storytelling, tense atmosphere, aggression, Eastern-Western combinations, and overflowing energy have become the fundaments of LostPray’s actual style and sound. After long four years, the band has finally finished recording their second album; PRIESTIANITY, which is considered to be one step closer to the real LostPray style in their minds.


LOSTPRAY - Nikolay Dovgopolov

 Nikolay Dovgopolov

(January 3, 1987,  Odessa / Ukraine)


Burak Gundogdu
Vocals, Guitars

(March 30, 1987,  Istanbul / Turkey)

LOSTPRAY - Vyacheslav Babienko

Vyacheslav Babienko
Bass Guitars

(July 2, 1980,  Odessa / Ukraine)